Where Are They Now?

As we celebrate the conclusion of another successful high school crew season, it is worth catching up with the Yorktown alumni that have continued to row in college.

On the men’s side we have:

Elliott Oakley, '09—Rows for the University of Virginia. His boat, the lightweight four, finished fourth at the Dad Vail championship regatta May 12 in Philadelphia.

Ian Suvak, '09—Rows for Yale University. His boat, the second varsity, finished tenth at the EARC Sprints in Worcester, MA, May 13.

Leon Suvak, '10—Rows for the University of Wisconsin. His boat, the first varsity, won an EARC Sprints bronze medal in Worcester. As far as the record books indicate, this is the first time a male alum of Yorktown crew has ever medaled in the 1V heavyweight category at EARC Sprints. In addition to the medal, Leon likely is the first YHS graduate ever to row in a first varsity heavyweight boat at an Ivy or equivalent Division 1 school. Yorktown has had many lightweight 1V rowers in D-1.

Daniel Thom, '11—Rows for Syracuse University. His boat, the freshman heavyweight eight, finished eleventh at EARC.

Jack Vihstadt, ’08—Rows for Colby College. His boat, the varsity heavyweight eight, finished twelfth at the New England Championships.

Fielding Williams, '11—Rows for Cornell University, His boat, the first freshman heavyweight eight, won a bronze medal at EARC.

Jonathan Wabeke, '13 (HB Woodlawn)— Rows for the USNA Team and as a sophomore is Stroking the USNA 8 man 4V, which is currently ranked 5th in the EARC.

And on the women’s side:

Tabby Andelin, '11—Rows for the University of Minnesota.

Noelle Crosby, ’10—Rows for the University of Central Florida, which came in fourth at the C-USA women's crew championship in May.

Alex Gustafson, ’10—Rows for Boston University. Her boat, the first varsity eight, came in third at the Eastern Sprints on the Cooper River in New Jersey May 13.

Shannon Johnston, ’11—Rows for Marietta University. Her boat, the second varsity eight, came in fourth at the Dad Vail regatta.

Paige Monborne, ’10—Rows for Dartmouth College. She spent much of the year on injured reserve with a cracked rib.

Annemarie Wamsted, ’11—Rows for Princeton University. Her boat, the second varsity four, came in third at the Ivy League championship regatta May 13 on the Cooper River.

Hannah Yoest, ’11—Rows for the University of Virginia. Her boat, the novice eight, won a gold medal at the Eastern Sprints May 13.


--If we have forgotten anyone, please send us an update. The more the merrier.